Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crochet Away

Today I want to share with you a quote, a photo and...a new pattern!

This, from a kind knitter in California:
"I just want you to know what a blessing this has been to me, on many different levels: a connection to Eretz Israel, the landscape of my heart; a way to serve the brave men and women who defend her; and the comforting meditation of knitting something so simple and humble, yet so important."
Thank you, T.M.!

This photo is from a Givati brigade called Retem that spent their winter in Har Dov and then the Golan Heights, wearing your hats:

It came with a note that said, "Thank you for the wonderful hats. They keep us warm night & day." Just so you should know, we've given out about 3500 hats so far this year and are still going strong.

And, last but not least, a member of the Jerusalem Knit 'n Nosh group who would modestly prefer to be known only by her initials -- ESW -- was intrigued by the challenge of creating a crochet pattern that would mimic the texture and stretchiness of the knit hats. She came up with a terrific pattern (and hat) that's been approved by the army and I'm delighted to be able to share it with you. Please check out the all-new crochet pattern here:
I'll post a link to it in the side bar, as well. Please spread the news to all your crocheting friends.

And, as always, my thanks to all you knitters for your warmth and dedication -- keep 'em coming!


p.s. I'll be appearing soon on the One Hundred Hats blog, would be happy to get your feedback on my interview there.