Friday, December 17, 2010

a letter from a soldier

Just wanted to share this sweet note with you, with last names deleted for privacy:

Dear Mrs. K.,
Thank you for the wonderful hat you knit for me! It’s beautiful. As you know, winter has finally arrived in Israel and it’s very cold, especially at night. The hat keeps me very warm, and it’s touching to know that it was made in Teaneck, where I lived for four years.
I wish you and the rest of the kind women in the knitting circle a year of good health, and I hope you have many opportunities to visit Israel.
Kol tuv,
Meir J.

Several of you have said you've been having problems downloading the pattern. I'm not sure why, but am trying to figure out a solution.

And here's a thank you in Hebrew, with a rough translation below:

לתורמות היקרים,

מחלקת הצלפים רוצה לומר תודה רבה על תרומתכם למחלקתנו.

תרומתכם תרמה רבות להעלת מצב הרוח של החיילים בעקבות תרותמתכם...

אנו מאוד מעריכים אנשים כמוכם שפשוט מזמנכם הפנוי סורגים כובעים ופשוט תורמים אותם לחיילים כמונו.

לכן אנו ממש מוקירים תודה רבה על השקעת זמנכם הפנוי ותרומתכם הרבה למחלקתנו.

תודה רבה על הכובעים שבימים קרים אלו ממש מחמם את הראש ואת הלב.

ושוב תודה רבה רבה,

ממחלקת הצלפים.

quickly translated:
The snipers unit thanks you for your contribution to our unit. It lifted our morale. We're very grateful to people like you who use your free time to knit hats for soldiers and contribute them. Thank you for investing your time. In these cold days the hats really warm our heads and hearts.
Thank you very, very much,
The Sharpshooters

Keep 'em coming, dear knitters!
And please remember that all packages mailed to Israel should weigh *less than* 4.4 pounds and have a declared value of *under* $50 -- otherwise they'll be subjected to draconian customs charges on this end.

thanks as always,