Sunday, October 15, 2023

Hats Now!

(עברית למטה)


Hi everyone, 


Due to the terrible situation in which we find ourselves, I'm getting lots of messages from people who want to make and send hats to soldiers. I'm not doing that anymore, but I have found 2 places who have agreed to receive and distribute hats to soldiers, places that I know personally and feel very comfortable recommending.


Thank you for your desire to help in this difficult time, may our army succeed, and may Israel flourish! 

1. The Michael Levin Base for Lone Soldiers

A wonderful Jerusalem center that helps lone soldiers, as well as young women from abroad doing national service, in myriad ways. You can mail your hats (knit according to pattern please! see sidebar) to:


The Michael Levin Base 

4 Eliyahu Mani St.

Jerusalem 9432526


(tel. +972-50-257-0035)

If you have any questions, you can WhatsApp Bonnie Rosenbaum at +972-50-257-0035

More contact info and details about the center can be found here:


2. The Gourmet Yarn Shop

Orly of The Gourmet Yarn Shop has always been an enthusiastic supporter of this project, telling people about it and giving them the pattern, as well as serving as a collection point for finished hats and periodically mailing me what she'd collected. She's super professional, can sell you the yarn you might need for this project, and can answer all your knitting-related questions. She will be distributing hats to regular army combat units. The address is:


The Gourmet Yarn Shop

POB 102

111 Ahuza St. 

Ra'anana 4337302


(tel. +972-9-742-7020)

For more info


whatsapp: +972-9-742-7020


best wishes,


שלום לכולם!

בגלל המצב הקשה אליו נקלענו, אני מקבלת הרבה פניות מנשים שרוצות לסרוג כובעים לחיילנו. אני כבר לא עוסקת בזה, אבל מצאתי לכן שני מקומות שמוכנים לקבל ולהפיץ כובעים, מקומות שאני מכירה אישית ויכולה להמליץ עליהם בחום.


תודה רבה על רצונכן לעזור ולתרום בזמנים קשים אלו. מאחלת מכל הלב שכל חיילנו יחזרו לשלום!


1. בסיס מיכאל לוין לחיילים בודדים

מרכז נפלא בירושלים שעוזר לחיילים בודדים, וגם לבנות שירות מחו"ל, בדרכים רבות. ניתן לשלוח את הכובעים (סרוגים לפי ההוראות שמופיעות בשולי העמוד) לכתובת:


בסיס מיכאל לוין
רח' אליהו מני 4

(טל. 050-257-0035)

לשאלות, ניתן להיות בקשר עם בוני רוזנבאום דרך הוואטסאפ 050-257-0035

פרטים נוספים על המקום באתר:


2. חנות צמר גורמה

כבר הרבה שנים שאורלי, בעלת הבית של צמר גורמה, תומכת בפרוייקט הזה -- היא פרסמה את הפרוייקט, הפיצה הוראות סריגה, התנדבה להיות נקודת איסוף לכובעים, ושלחה לי אותם בנאמנות. אורלי סופר-מקצועית: היא יכולה למכור לכם את הצמר הנכון, לענות על שאלות הסריגה שלכם וכו'. היא תפיץ את הכובעים שהיא מקבלת ליחידות קרביות מכל הסוגים. נא לשלוח את הכובעים שלכם לכתובת:


צמר גורמה
ת.ד. 102
רחוב אחוזה 111
רעננה 4337302

 (טלפון 09-742-7020)

לשאלות נוספות:


וואטסאפ 972-9-742-7020+

אתר החנות:

שנשמע בשורות טובות!


Monday, June 20, 2022

It's Time to Say Goodbye

Thank you everyone for 15 amazing years!  I estimate that over the years we have together distributed about 75,000 hats to soldiers. Who could have imagined that all this would grow out of a little knitting group's desire to do some good in the world? It's been quite the ride, and the best part has been meeting all of you...but now it feels like time to move on. I have not found anyone to take over the project, so Summer 2022 will be our last hurrah. 

I wish I had the words to thank each and every one of you for all your efforts, kindness  and generosity. Please just know that I appreciate you immensely and wish you much joy. May you continue to find warm and loving ways to help others, for many many years to come.


Thursday, January 2, 2020

I love this

Recently, a mom from Efrat whose family made aliya a few years ago asked me if I could provide some hats for her son's unit, which I happily gave her. Last week she sent me this video from the boys. She (and her son) were excited to see that the hats were made by a group called The Knitting Needles, based in the JCC of Tenafly, New Jersey. Why? Because when this young man was 3 years old, he was a member of that JCC! 
How wild is that? Go, NJ!

And here are a photo and a video taken by Rafi of "Hachi Achi", who drives around the southern Hebron hills visiting soldiers in remote and cold outposts. He brings them warm drinks, treats...and of course, handknit hats for soldiers. They are so grateful.

Thank you, kind knitters -- I hope these images give you a sense of all the amazing good you're doing out of there, and a feeling of pride and satisfaction. You deserve it!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

And the New Year begins...

Happy 5780 to all! Here in Israel, the rains have begun to fall and the winds to blow, and winter is most definitely on its way. In parallel, hats have been pouring in from around the world to help keep our soldiers warm. Here's a photo of Lois B. and her amazing group of New Jersey knitters:

Love them! Thank you Lois, and everyone involved for all you do!

Wishing you all a wonderful new year, and (for those in the northern hemisphere) -- an easy winter.
Happy knitting, 
Channah K.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

just had to share

Look at this great note and photo I just got! What a bunch of sweethearts!

Thanks for the hats! It gets pretty darn cold over here and these hats are awesome! You can really feel the warmth and love that went into making them 😊My group loves them and wears them often. Thanks! 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Snow Day!

Last night we had a big, blustery storm with rain, slush, snow -- you name it. Buses stopped, schools closed, people got stuck far from home etc.

Yesterday, knowing there was really bad weather coming, I gave out over 300 hats to soldiers all over the Gush Etzion and Hebron Hills areas. They were so, so grateful and I hope you'll all keep knitting for them. Check out the video and photos below!

Many of these soldiers spent the night rescuing stranded drivers, and patrolling unfriendly neighborhoods in sub-zero temperatures. Thank you to all the chayalim who work so hard on our behalf! Thanks also to "Just One Chesed" and "Cafe Hachi Achi" for their help in getting the hats out to soldiers in remote outposts.

Here's my hat mail for the week, I hope you'll all keep up the amazing work:

Sunday, January 13, 2019

From this past week

Got a couple more thank you photos to share with you.

This week the weather's supposed to be freezing, and below. I've got about 300 hats in reserve and am planning to give them all out. So keep knitting!