Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Important Reminder

Sorry I haven't written so long. Just to keep you updated: over 2000 handmade hats have been presented to soldiers this winter -- so far. We hope to give out lots more, so keep 'em coming. Photos coming soon.

Please please PLEASE remember that if you are mailing hats, any package described as having a value of over $50 U.S. will be picked up by Israeli customs and yours truly will have to pay at least that amount (often more) from my own pocket to free the package from customs. There's no big organization here to cover costs, it's just me and my checkbook. No, the customs people don't care that it's a charitable cause. Trust me, I've spent time in their offices pleading my case.

Also, on your end, there's no need to use any "special delivery" type of mail of service -- plain old regular mail, in envelopes or *small* boxes is best (big boxes also seem to arouse the curiosity of the customs officials). It seems to me, from the mail I get, that envelopes are the cheapest way to go -- so that's fine, choose the cheapest option and don't worry, the mail really does get here eventually. Please don't forget to include an email address if you want me to notify you that I've received your package.

Thanks so much everyone! Knit on!


Carol said...

Thanks for the update Channah! Looking forward to the pictures!

lindapgraham said...

Hi I sent my first two hats at the end of last year and have started on more.

I am from the UK. I am a Christian who believes in the Inspired Word of God. I want Israel to know that she does not stand totally alone. There are brothers and sisters here in the UK praying for Gods chosen people.


Channah. You rock the toque!
Cheers, R.

renegade knitter said...

Hi Channah,

Shalom from Saskatchewan!

I knit 6 IDF hats as part of my Knitting Olympics knitting goal. Visit here to see pictures of some people modeling the hats at yesterday's Purim party at the Beth Jacob Synagogue in Regina Saskatchewan. The community loved the hats; with any luck they'll join me in knitting some.


(Hi Rebel!!!!! Love ya!!!)