Friday, September 24, 2010

12,000 hats and counting....

The Canadian Jewish News recently profiled my Hats for Soldiers project:Just want to remind you all that this is the time to get knitting for winter, so please let anyone know who might be interested.

This year's goal: 5000 hats.

thanks for your ongoing support, shana tova,
Channah Koppel


Avi said...

Hello Channah,
My mother, who is now 90 B"H made and sent you 50 hats last year.
This year, she has all of us knitting our little fingers off.
Unfortunately, or fortunately - depending how you look at it, we do not knit on Shabbat and since we all work, it'll go a little slower than we hope.
We are planning to visit my daughter in seminary late Novemeber so we'll see how many we can get done!!

Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to contribute in this small way.

Yashar Koach,
Julie Handelman and Daisy Judah (Miss Daisy - my mum)

Sharon said...

Hi there! I am going to post your cause to my group on Ravelry. Hopefully, I'll be mailing some hats out to you in a few weeks.

CHANNAH said...

Thank you both -- that's fabulous!

HeatherMarie said...

Hello Channah,
This is a wonderful work you are doing. I have a question... I knit tightly, so is it acceptable to increase the number of stitches in the hats, or should I use a heavier yarn?

CHANNAH said...

Hi Heather Marie,

Good question! I think you should try doing a gauge swatch on larger needles than you would normally use and see what the resulting fabric looks like. If it seems good to you (not too holey, for example) than go ahead. If not, you can
a)play around with other needles sizes, or
b)add stitches to get the same dimensions as in the pattern (between 14-16" circumference)but keep in mind that a very tightly knit hat might be stiff (and that'd be even more of a problem with a bulkier wool) so it'd be preferable to loosen up your gauge by using larger needles.

Hope this helps, please let me know.

And THANK YOU so much!

Sharon said...

Hi Channah,
Question on the material - it says acrylic is okay. Is that true? I wanted to check before making one and sending it out...

The Last Frontier said...

I just learned about this. I'll get started as soon as I get some appropriate yarn, and I will spread the word. What a great idea!

CHANNAH said...

Hi Sharon,

Sorry about the belated response. Yes, acrylic is ok although superwash wool is preferable in terms of comfort. I know the U.S. army tells people not to use acrylic because it melts at high heats, but the Israeli army gives soldiers fleece hats (which they say are not as comfortable and well-fitting as the handknit hats)and the "fleece" is made of we figure that if the army's ok with it, we are too.

Feel free to be in touch if you've got any more questions.

rachel said...

I tried to view the knitting patterns you have posted but none of them worked except for the crochet pattern. Thanks.

CHANNAH said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm not sure why you couldn't read them -- I can open them without difficulty.

Please drop me an email at and I'll send you the file.

Contessa said...

Hi Channah,

I stumbled upon your blog looking for a charity I could participate in.
I don't see an update since September so I just wanted to make sure you're still accepting hats (and the address shown on the knit hat pattern is current and correct).
I am a member of a yarn group with several other Jewish knitters and crocheters and I'm so excited to share this cause with them.

Thank you so much for all you've done! :)

-Julie, CA USA

CHANNAH said...

We are absolutely still running and delighted to get as many hats as possible. The address on the pattern is still correct...and thanks for the reminder that it's time to post, I really have fallen a bit behind with that.

New post coming your way soonly!

Contessa said...

Great! I'm very glad to hear that and looking forward to your update. :) I'll be starting on my hat(s) soon!

Rachel said...

Hello Channah,

I saw your article in the Canadian Jewish News and kept the clip so I could visit your website. Do you have a group on Ravelry, I tried to search for it on there and could not find it. I think Ravelry would be a fantastic way for even more people to know about the charity!

I am looking forward to start knitting some hats and send them your way.


CHANNAH said...

Hi Rachel,

The pattern is listed on Ravelry and many people there have made the hats, but no, I don't have a group there. I agree, it's a good idea...and I think I'll look into starting one! Thank you!