Saturday, January 8, 2011

Letter of the Week

I'm a Chayal Boded from NY in the IDF now. We started our service on December 15th and have been at Mikveh Alon base performing basic tironut and ulpan. We recently received some of your hats and are extremely grateful!

I never realized how chilly it got in Israel since I've only been here in the summer months before. The hat makes a huge difference and it also let's us know that people are thinking of us. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

With appreciation,
The Chayalim Bodedim of Mikveh Alon

P.S. Let everyone know that they can read about our experiences at the blog "The Lone Soldier".



The Last Frontier said...

I've begun knitting hats to send to you and would like to post about your efforts on my blog, The Last Frontier, so that more knitters can help out. Before I do, I want to ask if you mind if I use one or two or your pictures and link them back to your blog, giving you full credit. I'll check back here for your answer, or you can email me from the link just below my profile info on my blog.
Thanks, and take care,
Jenny in Alaska

CHANNAH said...

Hi Jenny,

Yes you can -- thanks so much, I appreciate the offer and have sent you a private email.

Meantime, stay warm! Keep your hat on! :-) I admire your fortitude.

The Last Frontier said...

Thank you so much, Channah. I'm posting on my blog right now. Best wishes to you! Israel and the soldiers are in my prayers.