Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Soldiers & Some Knitters

Hi Knitters!

This past week, hats you made went out to soldiers in the Paratroopers, the Engineering Corps, and several elite units with names I don't even know how to translate into English (Palsar Nachal, anyone?)
I also got a very touching note from a lone soldier
who received, via A Package From Home, a care package which included one of our hats.

אני חייל שמצבו הכלכלי לא הכי טוב, וממש חימם את הלב לקבל מכם את הכובע הסרוג ושאר החפצים
. המון המון תודה לכם על המצווה האדירה שאתם עושים ועוזרים לאלפי חיילים ומראים את הצד היפה יותר של העם שלנו

rough translation:
I'm a soldier whose economic situation is not so good, and it really warmed my heart to receive the knitted hats and other items. Thank you so so much for the great mitzvah [good deed/positive commandment] you are doing, helping thousands of soldiers and showing the good side of our people.

Hats continue to come in from around the globe -- places like New Zealand, South Africa and England, to name a few. Special mention this week goes to Jenny from Alaska, knitting by oil lamp, and to Linda from Toronto, who knits along despite hand surgeries, and travels to Israel every summer to volunteer in the IDF's Sar-El Program. This picture of the two of us was taken this past summer in Jerusalem.

As always, thank you all,


Anonymous said...

Palsar is short for plugat siur, reconnaissance company. It belongs to the Nachal brigade, an infantery brigade that historically set up settlements and kibbutzim along the borders but nowadays mostly fights. (I have a son there and another son in the anti-aircraft brigade).

I love what you are doing and will try my best with the crochet needle. Both my sons are stationed in the bitter cold Golan heights and I told them about your project. They think it's wonderful and send you a loud YASHER KOACH.

Can I contact you somehow for more details? I didn't find an email here...

CHANNAH said...


Thanks for the translation, and my best to your sons. My soldier son was up in the Golan until recently, when they were moved down to the border with Aza. Not sure what's better.

My email address is:

Feel free to be in touch,