Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Congrats to the Paramedics!

This group of paramedics just completed their course and are going out into their respective army jobs...in the hats you made them. 

The mother of one of the soldiers, who was the liasion with this group, wrote, "They all very much appreciated receiving the gift of the hats. A couple of them, who had other responsibilities at the time the hats were handed out, let my son know that they, too, wanted to be sure to get their hat. The timing was especially meaningful as it was a way to acknowledge their hard work and add to the celebration of their accomplishments. They posed wearing their hats so I could send you their picture as a way of sending their thanks....I am sending you and your group of knitters, my thanks and the thanks of Kapatz 24 for taking the time to knit the hats. Your time and effort really has made a difference for these young soldiers."

Thanks knitters!

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